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Parking charges and ways to pay for parking

Most of our car parks where charges apply are pay and display but we encourage you to use the MiPermit app.

If you want to use a ticket machine, find a parking space, pay the relevant fee and display the ticket clearly within your vehicle.

Using the MiPermit app

The easist way to pay for parking in many of our car parks is by using the MiPermit app.

The MiPermit app, can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Find out more about the MiPermit app

Other ways to pay for parking in our car parks

Our multi-storey car park in Workington

This is pay on exit. Just take a ticket at the barrier, and pay at the machines before you return to your car.

Paying by cash and card

Our machines only take card payments due to the risk from coronavirus.

Parking permits

If you use our car parks regularly you can buy a parking permit to save you money.

Parking for Blue Badge holders

Blue badge holders can park for 3 hours free on our long stay car parks providing you display a valid blue badge and their time of arrival clearly in their front windscreen.

If you want to park for longer you can either return to the car park and purchase a ticket to cover their stay or use Mi Permit (download the app from your app store) to purchase a pay and stay to start once your three hours has ended.

If you are using short stay car parks they may only park for the maximum time allowed, again they must display a valid badge and their time of arrival. Check the maximum time at the specific car park as this may be different for each one. There are boards in each car park outlining this clearly.

Charges in our car parks

Find out our fees and charges for our car parks in our fees and charges document.

Penalty Charge Notices

If you feel you have received a penalty change notice (parking fine) incorrectly, you can appeal against it.

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Cumberland Council

On 1 April 2023 local government in Cumbria changed, with Cumberland Council providing all your council services.  

Don't worry though, your bins will be emptied as normal, and you'll still be able to speak to the same team about any enquiries to do with things like council tax, benefits, planning or any other service.

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