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We'll soon be making changes to the way recycling is collected, and we'll be delivering bins and boxes to households in preparation for this. Find out more.


Parking charges and ways to pay for parking

Most of our car parks where charges apply are pay and display. Just find a parking space, pay the relevant fee as shown on the machine and display the ticket clearly within your vehicle.

Our multi-storey car park in Workington is pay on exit. You therefore collect a ticket on entry and then pay at the machines in the car park before returning to your vehicle. Keep your ticket on you to exit the car park.

Ways to pay for parking in our car parks

Paying by cash and card

Most of our machines take cash and card payments. The machines in our long-stay car parks are set-up to give you more time if you don't have the correct change and have to put more money into the machine.

Pay by phone

You can also pay by phone using the RingGo system in our Keswick car parks. Just follow the instructions on the payment machines. You can use the RingGo system to add more time to your parking at any point. Just dial the number shown, follow the instructions and pay. You'll need the number of the car park in Keswick - these are below.

This will update our systems so that if an enforcement officer does check your vehicle the system will be updated with your payment even if the ticket in your vehicles may indicate an overstay.

To pay by phone via RingGo call 01768830830. The codes for each of the car parks in Keswick are:

  • Bell Close  - 4000
  • Central  - 4001
  • Lakeside  - 4002
  • Otley Road -  4003

RingGo also has an easy to use app

Parking permits

If you use our car parks regularly you can buy a parking permit to save you money. We offer a range of permits including for those on a low wage.

Charges in our car parks

Find out our fees and charges for our car parks in our fees and charges document.

Can I pay for parking in advance?

Yes. Our machines accept payment in advance. This means if you arrive, for instance, after 7pm and pay the overnight fee, you can also pay for parking from 7am the next day when the parking fees start again.

Good news if you want a lie-in!

Penalty Charge Notices

If you feel you have received a penalty change notice (parking fine) incorrectly, you can appeal against it.