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We hope you like the new look and can easily find what you are looking for. To help you we have devised a quick links guide. You may need to update any bookmarks with the new addresses. You can also take a look at our revised Privacy Policy .


Login to your myAllerdale account

Register and login to our customer portal where you can find a wealth of services at your fingertips - report it, apply for it, find it.

The portal also allows you to change your details including your password.

Registering is quick and easy and means you'll get email updates on your enquiry, and see a record of your contacts with us.

Quick and easy forms too

We've also put individual forms on our website, allowing you to quickly and easily contact us about a specific topic without having to go through the portal every time.

And download our myAllerdale app

What's more, once registered, don't forget to download our app to access all these services from your phone. It is available from the Apple, Google Play and Microsoft app stores.


See our privacy policy for details about our use of your data.

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