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Rugby League World Cup 2021 - #WeAreTheHosts

The Rugby League World Cup is coming to Allerdale in 2021. We'll be hosting three men's games in Workington - joining the likes of Anfield, Leeds and the Emirates Stadium in London.

Find out more about the Rugby League World Cup.

Find out more about our new stadium which we are in the process of developing and which formed part of the bid.

We are Allerdale. We are Rugby League

Allerdale is the heartland of rugby league with professional and local clubs. With Workington Town based in Workington, this would be the natural location to host the Rugby League World Cup.

Bidding for the tournament will also mean:

  • more interest in the sport
  • boosting health and wellbeing for our residents
  • giving a boost for local business
  • improved local sporting facilities in the town for everyone, building on the success of the new leisure centre Workington
  • promoting the sport to women and disabled people
  • promoting Allerdale as a great place to visit

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