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Electoral Annual Canvass

Every year we carry out the annual canvass to ensure that the electoral register contains the names of everyone who is eligible to vote in elections. This starts in the summer and the new register is published in December.

The electoral registration system

The electoral registration system is now called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’. This means that everyone who is eligible to vote must register themselves, rather than rely on the "head of the household" as was the case in the old system.

You can register to vote online. Anyone newly registering under the new system will need to register themselves individually by filling out a paper or online form.

You will also need to provide your date of birth and National Insurance number.

The Annual Canvass and the Household Enquiry Form (HEF)

As part of the annual canvass, you may receive of the following Household Enquiry Forms (HEF): HEF-B and HEF-P.

  • HEF-B – Household Enquiry Form - which is a blank form as we currently have nobody registered to vote at this property.
  • HEF-P – Household Enquiry Form – which is prepopulated and lists everyone we currently have registered at that address

Every HEF contains a two part security code that is unique to the property the form has been sent to. This code is used when responding using the online, telephone or text message methods.

Please Note: The type of form you have received could affect some of the ways you can respond and request additional services.

How do I respond to the Household Enquiry Form?

Please use the automated response options wherever possible. If you are unable to use any of the automated options, you should complete and return the form. Do not return the form if you have responded using one of the automated responses.

  • ONLINE - - this method can be used for all confirmations and amendments.
  • TELEPHONE - 0808 284 1501 - This method can only be used to confirm no changes or request postal votes. This is a Freephone number.
  • TEXT/SMS - 07786 209 401 - This method can only be used to confirm no changes. Texts will be charged at user’s standard rates.
  • PAPER FORM - HEF-B / HEF-P - This method can be used for all confirmations and amendments. A prepaid envelope is sent out with every HEF.