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Registers of electors - full and open register

The Register of Electors contains all the names of those eligible to vote in Allerdale. If your name does not appear on the Register you cannot vote.

There are now two versions of the register produced, the full register and the open register.

The full register

This lists everyone who is entitled to vote. You can check it by calling at the council offices in Keswick, Cockermouth, Maryport, Wigton and at Allerdale House in Workington. Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the full register and they can only use it for specified purposes, such as for elections, the prevention and detection of crime and checking your identity when you have applied for credit.

The law says who can have copies of the full register and what they can use it for. The full list of these people and purposes is given in the Representation of the People (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002. It is a criminal offence for them to pass it on to anyone else or to use it for any other purpose.

The open register (formerly known as edited register)

Electors can opt out of appearing on the open register. The open register can be bought by anyone who asks for a copy and they may use it for any purpose. To opt out of the open register, you need to contact us.

The Register of Electors is revised every August/September time and is published each year on December 1. This process is called our annual canvass.

The register is also updated every January and September and this is called rolling registration.

Proof of registration

If you require proof that your name appears on the current register of electors, contact us and a certificate of registration will be provided for free.

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