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Workington Town Deal

Workington has been invited, by Government, to develop proposals to support the town's economic growth prospects with a focus on improved transport, broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

In coming months, communities, businesses and local groups will have the opportunity to help draw up a Town Investment Plan for submission to Government in the summer. If successful, the Investment Plan could attract up to £25 million in funding to deliver projects in Workington.

Towns Fund Prospectus

What can the money fund?

The Towns Fund will provide the core public investment in Town Deals – additional funding may come from other sources or parts of government. The objective of the Fund is to drive the economic regeneration of towns to deliver long term economic and productivity growth through:

  • Urban regeneration, planning and land use: ensuring towns are thriving places for people to live and work, including by: increasing density in town centres; strengthening local economic assets including local cultural assets; site acquisition, remediation, preparation, regeneration; and making full use of planning tools to bring strategic direction and change.
  • Skills and enterprise infrastructure: driving private sector investment and ensuring towns have the space to support skills and small business development.
  • Connectivity: developing local transport schemes that complement regional and national networks, as well as supporting the delivery of improved digital connectivity

What would you do to make Workington an even better place to live and work in?

The Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government has set up a website where you can offer ideas about what you would do with the development money. Go on to the MyTowns website to have your say. 

#MyTown image of Workington

How is the Workington Towns Deal application being run by the Council?

The Council has set up a Workington Towns Deal Board to oversee the drafting of the Town Investment Plan. The Board's agendas, papers and meetings are published here, please click the box below for further information.

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