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Taxi licences - Private Hire and Hackney Carriage

There are two types of taxi licence: hackney carriage and private hire. We licence hackney carriage vehicles, private hire vehicles, their drivers and operators.

Hackney Carriage can pick up from taxi ranks and be flagged on the street. Private Hire can only pick up pre-booked work and will be uninsured if they collect from ranks or be flagged down.

Applications are made online through the Council’s licensing portal. Please read the information carefully on the relevant pages for the type of licences you wish to apply for prior to submitting your application. 

You are encouraged to submit all supporting evidence and documentation to the Former Allerdale Area Taxi Licensing Team for consideration with your application as soon as possible. You do not need an appointment to submit this evidence, and can hand this into our reception team, or post it, to Allerdale House in Workington. 

Appointments to process your application are available where you require additional assistance, please contact a member of the team on 0300 373 3730 to discuss your needs or requirements. 

On 1st April 2023 Allerdale Borough Council, Carlisle City Council, Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria County Council amalgamated into the new authority Cumberland Council.

Work is now ongoing behind the scenes to amalgamate our Taxi Licensing policies including the examination of the existing policies and procedures across the legacy authorities. 

New livery is being issued for new and renewed licences for all drivers and vehicles which display the new Cumberland logo. The new door sign livery is to be displayed in the centre of the rear doors of the vehicle. Only one plate will be issued which must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.  New fees were also introduced in April 2023 covering most licensing fees.

All other conditions from your legacy Licensing authority remain the same and must be adhered to.

Over the next year you will be kept up to date on any changes and proposals in the form of newsletters and emails. During this consultation process representatives from the trade will be invited to comment on any proposals being considered by the Licensing Committee. 

If you have any further queries please contact