Taxi licences - private hire and hackney carriage

There are two types of taxi licence: Hackney Carriage and Private Hire. We licence Hackney Carriage vehicles, Private Hire vehicles, their drivers and operators.

Applications for new/renewal driver and vehicle licences are now carried out online.

We will soon be rolling out online applications for other taxi licences. In the meantime please click on the link below and download the forms.

Appointments for applications

Taxi application appointments are only available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  A small number of appointments will be available on a Friday for emergencies only.  Emergencies are defined as replacements for lost or damaged badges/plates and applications in connection with an insurance claim following a vehicle accident.

Appointments for new or renewal badge/plates will be not classed as an emergency and will be given the next standard available date which may be after a weekend. Please ensure that you book your appointment with our customer services team well in advance of your expiry date.  We recommend you book two weeks in advance.

Key documents for applicants

Applicants should download the following key documents before making an application for a taxi driver licence:

Download the criminal convictions policy

Download the Statutory Declaration form

Download the medical assessment form

Taxi (hackney carriage) Table of Fares

Taxi (hackney carriage) table of fares 2010
DISTANCE (Tariff 1) Tariff
If the distance does not exceed 1.6 kilometre (1 mile) for the whole distance 320 pence
If the distance exceeds 1.6 kilometre (1 mile) for the first kilometre (1 mile) 320 pence
For each subsequent 0.32 (1/5th of a mile) or uncompleted part thereof 45 pence
For each period of three minutes or uncompleted part thereof 45 pence
(Tariff 2) For hiring commenced between Midnight and 6.00 a.m. PLUS 50% OF TARIFF 1
(Tariff 3) All day on Bank and Public Holidays including Easter Sunday, Boxing Day and any Bank Holidays given in lieu of Boxing Day and to 4.00 a.m. on the day following those listed above. Hirings commenced between 6.00 p.m. and Midnight on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve PLUS 75% OF TARIFF 1
Tariff 4) Christmas Day and New Years Day PLUS 100% OF TARIFF 1
For each article of luggage conveyed outside the passenger compartment or the carriage for the whole distance 20 pence
For each person in excess of two 50 pence
Fouling Charge £50
The above rates of fare are applicable to: *
1. Journeys taken entirely within the Borough of Allerdale. *
2. Journeys ending outside the Borough of Allerdale where no fare or rate is agreed in advance of such journeys between the hirer and the driver. None