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Helping Cumbrian businesses make sense of the “new normal”

Jonathan Irving

Jonathan Irving

Posted on 07 May 2020

In partnership with Cumbria’s local authorities and the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, Digital Cumbria are running a series of webinars designed to help the county’s businesses return to work as the Covid19 lockdown measures are eased.

Although business owners, employees and customers welcome an easing of restrictions and want to return to normality, many feel anxious about what a ‘new normal’ will mean to them, the way businesses will operate and how people go about their daily lives.

The Digital Cumbria ‘Surviving, reviving and thriving - get ready for the restart’ webinar will consider what a ‘new normal’ may look like and how the Covid19 pandemic could shape the economy, consumer behaviour and business practices.

Miranda Kirschel, Head of Business and Innovation at Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership said:

“As lockdown restrictions are eased Cumbria’s businesses will want to get serving customers as quickly as possible whilst keeping people safe. We recognise that businesses will have to adapt the way that they operate to ensure customer safety and employee welfare and that the effective adoption of digital technologies is essential to achieving this.”

The webinar will introduce Cumbrian businesses to practical examples of how they can adapt their business to recapture demand and to thrive through the wider recovery.

Zoe Wallis, Programme Director, continued:

“Businesses who have adopted cloud-based technology and who are already trading on line have proved more resilient, have been able to quickly adapt their operations and have found it easier to generate much needed revenue.

“As restrictions are lifted we want to put as many of Cumbria’s businesses in the best possible position to get up and running and generating revenue in the safest possible way”.

Cllr Mike Johnson, deputy leader of Allerdale Borough Council which is the lead local authority on the Cumbria-wide project, added:

 "I'm very much aware of how the response to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown is impacting businesses and how it has meant many companies are looking at how they operate. Technology has helped many businesses adapt to the current situation and be more prepared for what the future might bring. Therefore, I'd encourage every business owner who is interested to make the most of this webinar and sign up today."

The ‘Surviving, reviving and thriving - get ready for the restart’ webinar will take place Tuesday 12th May at 10am, businesses can signup for the webinar by visiting or via facebook at