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Partial closures of Cockermouth car park for maintenance

Jonathan Irving

Jonathan Irving

Posted on 12 March 2020

Sections of a car park in Cockermouth will be closed from Monday, March 16, to allow important maintenance to be carried out.

The work in Bitterbeck car park, which is owned by Allerdale Borough Council, is scheduled to be completed by Friday, March 20.

Not all of the car park will be shut during this timeas the work, to cut back and maintain trees on the site, will be done in four stages and just part of the car park shut at any one time.

For the purpose of this work the car park will be split into four sections A, B, C and D, and these sections will be identified on the road surface at each entrance and within each section of where vehicles park.

The appropriate sections will be blocked and closed for use from 5pm on the relevant day with vehicles parked in there until 7pm being able to leave. After 7pm vehicles left in the closed section will have restricted opportunity to leave until 7am the following morning.

The Council asks that drivers respect the closures and don't park in the restricted areas.

From Monday, March 16 up to and including Friday, March 20, holders of season parking permits and workers permits can park on All Saints Car Park, Fairfield Car Park (which is normally a short stay car park), Sullart Street Car Park, Riverside Car Park, and Memorial Gardens Car Park and will be exempt from any time restrictions. However, all other relevant conditions will still apply at these locations.