Close Annual canvass

We are currently carrying out the annual canvass of electors to update the electoral register. Please note that your canvass form may state that you or other people in your house are over 76. We gather this information for jury service purposes and our system defaults to this category if we do not hold a date of birth for an elector. If this information is incorrect please make the necessary amendments on the paper form and send it back to us in the envelope provided. 


Housing Options (Help for those experiencing Homelessness)

The Housing Options service is here to provide housing related advice and help prevent homelessness.

If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the following please contact us and we will do our best to help you:
•    Your landlord has asked you to leave
•    You are not getting on with the people you live with
•    You cannot afford your mortgage, rent and/or bills or have other problems managing your tenancy or accommodation
•    You are currently homeless
•    Your accommodation is not suitable because it is too small or in poor condition
•    You accommodation is not suitable because of a medical condition or disability
•    You are experiencing, or are at risk of violence, abuse or harassment

If you would like to speak to someone via telephone, please contact 01900 702660, alternatively, if you would like provide your details online, someone will be in touch with you to discuss the matter further. 

Register as homeless online (self referral)