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Land Charges

What is a Land Charge search?

We keep a Land Charges register. The register records information on every property within the borough, such as highways status/proposals, conservation areas, tree preservation orders, Article 4 directions, enforcement notices, improvement grants and financial charges.

You can see the local charge register on our online mapping service. To do so:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Enter your postcode and select your property
  3. Click on the "my maps" tab
  4. Select the relevant data from the side panel of the map

The link opens in the new window so you can easily look back on these instructions.

Go to the mapping service

Why would anyone carry out a search?

Searches of the register are carried out for a variety of reasons including when a purchaser is interested in buying a property or land. The purpose of a search is to show any relevant entries on the register and any financial claims, planning permissions, building control applications and other council decision or restrictions that affect the property or parcel of land.

How to request a Local Search from us


Complete the relevant forms for the type of search you want. These are usually provided by your solicitor or agent. 

Include an Ordnance Survey plan clearly marking the location of the property/land to be searched.

Send this to our offices in Workington  for the attention of the Land Charge section.

Speak to one of our customer service advisors on 0303 123 1702 who can take payment in advance of submitting your request. Check our fees and charges document for the latest fees.


We are currently at NLIS level 2 meaning we can receive and return electronic searches through the NLIS hub if you have access to it.


Apologies but our online registration and search facility is currently undergoing a facelift and will be back soon. In the meantime please see the other options below. Customers currently registered to use our online facility may submit search requests by  email with a clear description of the property and a plan.

Invoices will be issued to you in the usual way.

Fees and Charges

Download the fees and charges for Land Charge searches


Official Local Land Charge Searches

The Local Land Charges search may be made up of three parts: LLC1, CON29R & CON29O enquiries. These can be submitted individually or altogether depending on the information required.

See what each information part deals with below.  

This deals with all the registerable charges, for example financial charges, improvement grants, tree preservation orders, conditional planning consents etc.

This deals with the Planning and Building Control history of the property/piece of land, the status of the roads, notices issued by the Local Authority and also Radon Gas Assessments.

Optional Enquiries. These can include:

  • Q.4. Road proposals by private bodies
  • Q.5 Advertisements
  • Q.6 Completion Notices
  • Q.7 Parks and Countryside
  • Q.8 Pipelines
  • Q.9 Houses in multiple occupation
  • Q.10  Noise abatement 
  • Q.11 Urban Development areas
  • Q.12 Enterprise Zones, Local Development Orders and BIDS
  • Q.13 Inner Urban Improvement areas
  • Q.14 Simplified planning zones
  • Q.15 Land maintenance notices
  • Q.16 Mineral consultation areas and safeguarding areas
  • Q.17 Hazardous substance consents
  • Q.18 Environmental and pollution notices
  • Q.19 Food safety notices
  • Q.20 Hedgerow notices
  • Q.21 Flood Defence and Land Drainage Consents
  • Q.22  Common Land and town or village green

These questions are charged for individually and only if requested.


How long will I have to wait for my Local Search to be completed?

We normally respond to a land charge search within 10 working days. This can be longer if additional questions are asked and if additional Q22 information as we will have to go out to external partner organisations. 

It is therefore always best to get your search in to us as soon as possible. If a search is needed urgently, give the land charge section a ring and we'll see if we can help you.

Personal Searches

Most people do a search through their solicitor, however any individual can come into the Council Offices to search the Land Charges Register. This is strictly by appointment. Just contact us with four days notice by email  with full details of the property and plan.

The service is free of charge. 

Please note any properties falling within the boundaries of the Lake District National Park must obtain the planning information from the Lake District National Park Authority .

You will also need to contact Cumbria County Council for information such as Highways. We do hold a list of adopted highways at our Workington office .

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