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Changes to waste collection services

Andrew Gilbert

Andrew Gilbert

Posted on 05 July 2019

Allerdale Borough Council is advising residents of changes to waste services over the next few weeks which are aimed at alleviating the issues which are affecting collections. Both the council, and FCC Environment, apologises for any inconvenience caused. 

The council introduced a new waste collection service on 1 April 2019 with services provided by FCC Environment. This introduced completely new bin collection rounds and new lorries with in-cab technology.  
However, since the changes were introduced the bin crews have not been able to make it to some properties on the scheduled day. Therefore, the council is introducing temporary changes, to help crews complete the rounds whilst more permanent solutions are devised by the council and FCC. 
The changes come into place from Monday 8 July 2019 and will mean: 

  • All garden waste collections are suspended for up to the next two months 
  • All glass, cans and plastic recycling collections are also suspended for up to the next two months 

Domestic waste and paper and card and trade waste collections remain unaffected by the changes. 

Unfortunately, crews are unable to collect the recycling, paper and card, and garden waste from properties they were not able to get to this past week (beginning 1 July 2019). However, they shall take excess domestic waste from these properties next week. 

During this period, residents are advised to use the recycling centres and the household waste recycling sites to dispose of their recycling and garden waste. Details, and locations, can be found on the council’s website 

Residents are also encouraged to remember the phrase: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Where possible reduce the amount of waste you are creating and reuse items such as plastic boxes to help reduce the amount of waste you put out and to wash and squash down recycling where possible.

More information

  • Customers can check the online calendar where they can also report a missed bin. 
  • The best way to contact the council is through their online service or via the myAllerdale app (which can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users). You can also use the webchat facility when available. 
  • Customers can also contact the customer service team by calling 0303 123 1702.  
  • Garden waste can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Sites in Maryport, Workington and Wigton. More information 
  • We do ask, however frustrating these changes are for some, that people do not fly-tip their waste.
  • Residents can also make use of the offer from Cumbria County Council to buy compost bins at a reduced price. More details 
  • Remember the phrase: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Where possible reduce the amount of waste you are creating and if possible reuse items such as plastic boxes to help reduce the amount of waste you put out.


Frequently asked questions

What should I do with my recycling? 

We encourage people to take it to one of the local recycling bring sites or household waste recycling centres which are located throughout Allerdale.  

Domestic waste doesn’t automatically go to landfill. It is processed as a plant where any recycling material is removed and reused where possible. However, it is a lower-grade recycling to that deposited at the bring sites and household waste recycling centres.  

Where are the recycling points? 

You can find a listof the recycling points, and household waste recycling centres.

What can I do with my garden waste? 

The household waste recycling centres accept garden waste. More details. You can also buy a compost bin for a reduced amount. More details.

If I put my recycling into my black bin will it go to landfill?

We encourage you to use the bring sites and HWRCs where possible. However, we appreciate this is not possible for everyone and you may feel you have to put your recycling in with your black bin rubbish.

This domestic waste doesn’t automatically go to landfill. It is processed at a plant where any material that can be recycled is removed and reused where possible. However, this is a lower-grade of recycling to that collected at the bring sites and household waste recycling centres. More information on the plant it goes to can be found on the Cumbria County Council website

How long is this happening for? 

We expect that the changes won’t last any longer than the next two months.  

Why is this happening? 

Since the new changes to our bin collections were introduced on 1 April 2019, there have been some properties that the crews have not been able to make it to on the scheduled date. We are therefore suspending garden waste as well as glass, cans and plastic recycling collections to allow crews to concentrate on domestic collections, and paper collections. We apologise for everyone affected by this. We are working with FCC Environment on a longer-term solution to the issues so that we can restart the normal collections again as soon as possible and ensure everyone gets a collection on their scheduled day.

Can I get a refund on council tax? 

A number of  residents have questioned whether they are entitled to a refund of council tax if their bins have not been collected.

Unfortunately this is not possible because Council Tax is a local taxation that is used to fund services such as Education, Police, Planning, Waste Collection etc.   

Allerdale bills on behalf of the County Council, Police and Parishes as well as for its own share of the tax.  The average band D charge for a property in Allerdale is £172.99 per year.

It is important to state that as a form of taxation the payment of council tax is not contingent on the regular delivery of services and therefore residents cannot withhold payment in respective of the council tax they are liable for.

We would like remind residents of the importance of keeping payments up to date to avoid the legal consequences of non-payment.

The portion of the council tax which goes towards Allerdale services is less than 10% of the total bill. For an average band D property this is £172.99 a year, or about £3.33 a week. This is the lowest for any district council in Cumbria and helps cover the cost of the wealth of services we provide, not just waste collection.