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Waste collections and your bin calendar

Information on waste collections in the former Allerdale area

General advice on waste collections

Please have your bins out ready for emptying before 6am on the day of collection.

If your bins are being collected today, it will also show you whether our crews have been to your address or not.

Bin collection calendar

Click on the button to check your bin collection day. 

The link will take you to another website which will open a new window. This is the website for our bin collection system and can be used to check your waste collection calendar and report a missed bin.

Check your bin day

Download the annual bin calendar for your home

If you'd like a bin calendar for the year - to print out or have on your mobile device - type your postcode into the search box below and then find your address. 

This should work for most properties, but if it does not show information for your home, we do apologise and we are working on making improvements. Please contact our customer services team on 0300 373 3730.

For trade collections, please check the collection schedule in your contract.

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