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Council tax bills

Residents will soon be getting their council tax bill for 2023/24. This will come from Cumberland Council who will be providing all council services from 1 April 2023. Find out more about the bill, including the help and support that is available for those on low incomes, on the Cumberland Council website. 

Paint the Town – adding a splash more colour to Maryport!

Luke Stamper

Luke Stamper

Posted on 15 November 2022

Two thousand litres of free paint are on offer to transform Maryport’s businesses and residential properties in a new initiative which is being led by Maryport Business Group and local business West Port Windows, with the assistance of Allerdale Borough Council.

The Paint the Town project aims to brighten up the masonry and woodwork of scores of buildings and will enhance the council’s regeneration work which is already reaping rewards in this historic coastal town.

Sean Parnaby, chairman of Maryport Business Group and owner of West Port Windows, which is one of Maryport’s largest employers, has offered 1,000 litres of free timber paint to improve buildings in the town centre. This can be mixed to any colour, either to match existing paintwork or refresh tired old window frames and doors.

In addition, Remmers, a German paint company which works with West Port, will donate 1,000 litres of masonry paint which can be used on rendered façades or stone window and door surrounds. A palette of colours has been chosen to complement Maryport’s historic architecture.

The aim is to brighten up the town centre, encourage property owners, particularly those with prominent or key corner properties in the high street, to improve their buildings, and to give them a cost-effective facelift. Owners of business and residential properties within the area (see attached area of eligibility) already being improved by the Future High Streets Fund investment are eligible to apply.

The Maryport Business Group will take orders and facilitate the delivery or collection of paint for property owners.

Sean said: “I think anything which improves the look of Maryport for locals and visitors alike can only be a good thing. I want to emphasise that this is open to ‘ordinary’ households and independent businesses – if you live or work in the main commercial town centre area we would love to hear from you.

“Let’s all take pride in our town and do something brilliant to make it look its best.”

Councillor Mike Johnson, Leader of Allerdale Borough Council, added: “Thanks to the Future High Streets Fund, multimillion regeneration schemes are underway on key landmark buildings, as well as the fabric of the high street in Maryport. These are really exciting times for the town.

“The Heritage Shopfront Scheme and the Residential Conversion Schemes are starting to make a positive impact, and alongside a public realm programme, this will create further significant improvements. I think the Paint the Town initiative is a fabulous idea which will really make a difference and I would love to see loads of people get involved.”

A display of the masonry paint colours available will soon appear on the gable end of The Carlton building so the public can choose their favourites. Swatches of the timber paint are available at the West Port factory on Solway Trading Estate to inspire property owners – and they can match examples of paint colours too.

For more information email or call 01900 814225 or contact the Maryport Business Group for additional information, including the masonry paint colours.

Find out more and the "Maryport - Paint the Town" initiative