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Open fires and wood burning stoves

Open fires and wood-burning stoves have increased in popularity which means we now see more smoke from chimneys.

This has a negative effect on air quality and can cause breathing problems including asthma attacks and contribute to other health conditions.

For more information please see: Report: Open fires and wood-burning stoves - a practical guide - Defra, UK

Log burners and Open fires

Before installation, we recommend to review the guidance from HETAS: HETAS Consumer Advice | From stoves and chimneys to biomass. A Professional will ensure the log complies with Building Regulations and that the installation is safe and meets the requirements.
To avoid your log burner or open fire causing a statutory nuisance we recommend:

  • Use well-seasoned dry timber 
  • Check if it is ‘ready to burn’ Ready to Burn | Administered by Woodsure on behalf of Defra
  • Do not burn household rubbish or plastics
  • Reduce the use of wood burner subject to weather conditions
  • Ensure wood stove is not over sized for your home
  • Ensure height of flue does not finish to close to neighbouring properties
  • Ideally, flue height should replicate chimney height and not be obstructed to ensure sufficient smoke dispersal

Reporting an issue to us

If you think that someone is polluting the air with an open fire or wood burning stove, then you can report it to us.

Report an open fire or wood burning stove

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