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Garden waste collections

The council and our waste collection partners Allerdale Waste Services would like to apologise for the issues which have affected some properties' garden waste collections this week. The issues have been caused by self-isolation and other staff absences. 

The advice for households who've not had their collection this week is to take bins back in and present them on their next scheduled garden waste collection day.

Households are advised to continue checking our website and social media accounts for the latest information on collections.


England has moved into Step 4 from 19 July 2021

• See the latest news and get more information regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) and our services.

• Help and advice for affected businesses, charities and other organisations.

• Advice for individuals including the Test and Trace Support payment to help those self-isolating.

• Our customer contact centres have reopened to public on an appointment-only basis. However, please use our online forms, webchat, app and phone number to contact us where possible. Contact us link includes details on how to book an appointment. 

Alcohol consumption in designated public areas

Drinking responsibly in the Borough of Allerdale

Certain areas, largely town centres, are covered by Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). These were once known as Designated Public Places Order (DPPO)

A PSPO regultates the drinking of alcohol in public open air spaces in these areas.

What is a Public Space Protection Order?

PSPOs make it an offence to drink alcohol in public places after being asked not to do so by a Police Officer, a Police Community Support Officer or the Council’s Enforcement Officers.

This order is not a total ban on drinking alcohol in public places. It just makes it an offence to carry on drinking alcohol when asked to stop by a constable or authorised officer. This allows control to be exercised over those who by drinking on the street or in open air spaces are adversely affecting the enjoyment of that area by others.

How will a Public Space Protection Order help?

The PSPO has been imposed in order to:

  • Give Police Officer, a Police Community Support Officer or a Council’s Enforcement Officers the power where there is repeat and persistent nuisance, clearly linked to the public drinking of alcohol
  • Enable a Police Officer, a Police Community Support Officer or a Council Enforcement Officer to target people who cause a nuisance when they are moving between licensed premises
  • Cut down alcohol related disturbances in public
  • Allow use in specific areas and for specific periods of time enabling a Police Officer, a Police Community Support Officer or a Council Enforcement Officer to tackle any nuisance clearly linked to the public drinking of alcohol. There will be clear publicity and signage in these areas.
  • Send a clear and consistent message that anti-social drinking is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in the areas public places
  • Help make the area a place where visitors and users feel safe

Is it a ban on drinking alcohol in public?

No. A drinker's behaviour will be considered in any action by enforcement officers. It is not intended to stop an individual drinking sensibly, for example, if you are drinking alcohol with a picnic in a park.

Where are the Public Space Protection Orders?

Download the Designated Public Places Order 2004

Download the Holme Abbey Parish Public Places Order 2004

Download the Maryport Public Places Order 2004

Download the Moss Bay and Harrington Public Places Order

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