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Community safety

We've joined a number of initiatives and work with our partners to improve the safety in our communities.

If there is a danger to life or a crime being committed, this should always immediately be reported to the police on 999.

Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership is not a separate legal body in its own right. It is a way of working together:

  • Discussing issues
  • Enabling joint commissioning of activities to improve outcomes
  • Making the best use of partner resources

Our local partners are:                 

  • Cumbria Constabulary (Police)                   
  • Cumbria Police Authority (Governing and budget setting body for local police)    
  • Local authorities (Allerdale Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council and the County Council – locally this includes Fire and Rescue who are part of the Cumbria County Council)  
  • Cumbria Primary Care Trust (for the local National Health Service)   
  • Several other organisations are also under a duty to co-operate but do not have the prime responsibility function – an example is the local Registered Social Landlords.

Local people and third sector organisations (charities and not for profit bodies) also contribute to successful partnership working.  Business and commercial organisations also play their part.

Other statutory bodies can also be invited to join.

How do we decide our priorities?

We bring in the thoughts and ideas of local people and organisations into the process of strategic assessment - which is when we look at all the relevant information on crime and disorder. This includes statistics, trends both locally and nationally and any changes in the things happening locally or across the region, country or world. Most of these will be directly related to crime and disorder but may include other things as well, if they help to give a more comprehensive picture.

Once the strategic assessment is completed, which is done once a year the local priorities are decided upon. Again what local people have said over the course of the year influences our decisions, we also consider the impact of the different potential priorities.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) can help in the prevention and detection of crime. 

Allerdale Borough Council does not have any CCTV in public areas such as on roads, or shopping centres. Any CCTV in these areas are the responsibility of Cumbria Police.

We may have CCTV in our buildings. Contact our Information Governance Officer for more information on this.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Anti-social behaviour can blight people's lives and we have a zero-tolerance attitude to it. This can be litter, flytipping, graffiti or noise.

Report anti-social behaviour to us

Threatening behaviour should be reported to the police on 999. You can find out more about anti-social behaviour on the Ask the Police website.

You can also find out about the Community Trigger process and alcohol consumption in public places .

Neighbourhood watch

Find out more about your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

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