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Community Right to Bid - Nominations

Who can make a nomination?

We can only accept requests to include assets on the list from eligible community groups.  Eligible groups must have a local connection to the land or property they wish to nominate and be one of the following types of organisations:

  • a parish or town council.
  • Unincorporated community groups with at least 21 members who are registered to vote within the borough of Allerdale
  • a neighbourhood forum, set up in accordance with section 61F of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • a charity
  • a community interest company
  • a company limited by guarantee
  • an industrial and provident society
  • We cannot accept nominations from any other bodies.

How to make a nomination

Fill out the form below to make a nomination. The form has three main sections covering:

  • your organisation,
  • the asset you wish to nominate and
  • why you believe the asset is of community value.  

We will use the information you provide on the nomination form to assess whether your nomination meets the requirements of the legislation for designating an asset of community value.

Download the asset of community value nomination form

Download the asset of community value nomination process guidance

What happens next?

When we receive a nomination, we will check its eligibility and consider the information provided.  We aim to assess nominations within eight weeks of receipt.  We will inform the nominating group of the outcome.  If we feel the asset does have community value we will add it to our list of assets of community value. 

Assets will  remain on the list for five years and will also be placed on the local land charges register.  We will advise the nominating group and the asset owner in writing that the asset has been listed and the date in five years time when it will be removed.  When the five years have expired eligible groups can submit a new nomination.

Assets can be removed from the list of assets of community value before five years following a sale (not subject to any exemption to the moratorium), or in the event that an asset no longer meets the definition of an asset of community value (for example, in the event of a change of use to residential).

When an asset is removed from the list, we will inform the nominating group.

If we decide to list an asset and the asset owner is not happy with this decision then the owner can ask for a review and there will be a process for an appeal to an independent body.  We will provide further details in a letter to the asset owner.  Nominees cannot appeal the decision made in respect of the asset.

If a nomination is ineligible, we will write to the nominating group with an explanation as to why it was unsuccessful.  In such circumstances the land or property will be added to our list of unsuccessfully nominated assets and will remain on that list for five years.

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