Close Annual canvass

We are currently carrying out the annual canvass of electors to update the electoral register. Please note that your canvass form may state that you or other people in your house are over 76. We gather this information for jury service purposes and our system defaults to this category if we do not hold a date of birth for an elector. If this information is incorrect please make the necessary amendments on the paper form and send it back to us in the envelope provided. 


Workington Town Council Community Governance Review

Workington Town Council has asked Allerdale Borough Council to carry out a governance review on the Workington Parish. 

This is your chance to have your say on your town's council and how it should be structured.

The review will look at two areas:

  • the electoral ward boundaries
  • the number of councillors on Workington Town Council

Download the terms of reference for the review

Download the map of Workington parish

Download the map showing Workington and Winscales parishes

Download the map showing Winscales parish

What is the current situation?

Currently there are 30 town councillors representing 11 wards in the parish of Workington. It has been like this for some years.

Who will carry out the review?

The review will be carried out by a working party composed of the 15 town councillors who are also Allerdale Borough Council councillors.

This working party will consult on the current situation and then propose any changes which it thinks are necessary. After consulting on these changes, the recommendations will go to Allerdale Borough Council's Full Council meeting for consideration. 

This is your chance to have your say on the future of your town council. 

The first stage of the consultation ended on 31 May 2018. You can still see details of the consultation online.

How long will the review take?

The review starts in April 2018 and it is planned to go to Allerdale Borough Council's Council in October 2018.

Current electorate size and number of councillors

Number of electors and councillors currently for each ward on Workington Town Council
Ward Electorate (1 Feb 2018) Councillors Electorate per councillor
Ellerbeck Ward 223 1 223
Harrington Ward 2501 3 834
Iredale Ward 211 1 211
Moorclose Ward 3381 6 563
Moss bay Ward 1215 2 607
Northside Ward 734 1 734
Salterbeck Ward 1976 4 494
St John's Ward 2571 3 857
St Joseph's Ward 1439 1 1439
St Michael's Ward 2893 6 482
Stainburn Ward 1647 2 823
Total 18791 30 626