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Workington Town Council Community Governance Review

Workington Town Council  asked Allerdale Borough Council to carry out a governance review on the Workington Parish. 

The review looked at two areas:

  • the electoral ward boundaries
  • the number of councillors on Workington Town Council

Download the terms of reference for the review

Download the map of Workington parish

Download the map showing Workington and Winscales parishes

Download the map showing Winscales parish

What was the old situation?

Currently there are 30 town councillors representing 11 wards in the parish of Workington. It has been like this for some years.

Who carried out the review?

The review was carried out by a working party composed of the 15 town councillors who are also Allerdale Borough Council councillors.

This working party consulted on the current situation and then proposed any changes deemed necessary. After consulting on these changes, the recommendations went to Allerdale Borough Council's Full Council meeting for consideration on 5 December 2018.

What happened with the consultations?

The first stage of the consultation ended on 31 May 2018. You can still see details of the consultation online .

As a result of the result of the consultation it was proposed that the boundaries change to reflect the old Workington Town Council boundaries; that there should be eight wards; and the number of councillors should fall to 25.

A second stage consultation ended on 31 October 2018. This looked at changes to these ward boundaries and the number of councillors as proposed by the Working Group.

The consultation also asked for your views on whether there should be a separate parish council for the Moorclose area, because we received a petition from residents of Moorclose asking us to consider this proposal.  

See the proposed borders for Workington Town Council

Moorclose parish council?

Cllr Stephen Stoddart presented a petition requesting that Moorclose be a seperate parish from Workington Town Council. This proposal was integrated with the work of the working group for consideration. The working group provided no recommendation on this, when it was considered at Council on 5 December 2018.

Outcome of the review

At the Council meeting of 5 December 2018, councillors agreed to alter the ward boundaries and number of councillors on Workington Town Council in accordance with the recommendations of the working group. This will now go to the Boundary Commission for consideration before any changes, if agreed, occuring in the May 2019 local elections.

Councillors also voted against an additional amendment to the plans, which was to make Moorclose a separate parish from Workington Town Council.

See the details of the meeting.

Download the Workington Town Council reorganisation Order

Download the Workington Town Council reorganisation map

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