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Find out more about the methane issue affecting a small number of houses in Workington


Flooding - general information and advice

The Cumbria County Council website provides a wealth of information about how to be prepared before, during and after a flood.

 Find out emergency contact numbers

Current warnings from the Environment Agency

Reporting blocked road drains and surface water flooding

If a drain is blocked, you can report it to Cumbria County Council.

Preparing for a flood and keeping up to date with the latest situation

There are some simple things you can do to be better prepared for a flood:

Flood sacks (similar to sand bags)

Flood sacks are items which swell when placed in water and can act as a barrier, much like a sand bag, to divert water. When dry they are light and reasonably flat so they can be stored for when they are required. If you are worried about flooding you can also get sandbags and flood sacks from builders merchants. Please remember that sandbags and flood sacks are only an aid to slowing down water ingress. They cannot be relied upon to protect your property from flooding.

We have distributed FREE flood sacks at various locations to help you keep flood water from your property. The current locations are:

Cleaning up after a flood 

The Environment Agency provides a wealth of information on what to do after you have been flooded. You can also find information on how to staysafe and healthy during a clean-up.

Who does what with regard to flooding?

When Cumbria floods a number of organisations work together to help. We all have different roles and responsibilities

Allerdale Borough Council - our primary role is to set up and man reception centres for people who have had to be evacuated from their homes. We will then help find alternative temporary accommodation. Once the immediate emergency is over, we can assist with environmental health, housing, building control, and planning enquiries and issues.

Cumbria County Council - are the strategic flood authority in the county and co-ordinate and lead on flood recovery. They are also responsible for surface water and road flooding.

Environment Agency -  the EA is responsible for incidents involving sea and river flooding. They provide a wealth of information on river and sea levels through their website.

The Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership oversees all the work going on in Cumbria to tackle flooding.

More advice on flooding

There is a wealth of information relating to flooding: