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Flooding - general information and advice

The Cumbria County Council website provides a wealth of information about how to be prepared before, during and after a flood.


Current warnings from the Environment Agency

Reporting blocked road drains and surface water flooding

If a drain is blocked, you can report it to us here .

Cumbria Police have an online map which will show where there are any roads with flooding issues.

Preparing for a flood and keeping up to date with the latest situation

There are some simple things you can do to be better prepared for a flood:

There is also a wealth of information on the Flood Hub:

Go to the Flood Hub website

Flood sacks (similar to sand bags)

Flood sacks are items which swell when placed in water and can act as a barrier, much like a sand bag, to divert water. When dry they are light and reasonably flat so they can be stored for when they are required. If you are worried about flooding you can also get sandbags and flood sacks from builders merchants. Please remember that sandbags and flood sacks are only an aid to slowing down water ingress. They cannot be relied upon to protect your property from flooding.

We have distributed FREE flood sacks (or "floodsax") at various locations to help you keep flood water from your property. Many are distributed when needed by the local parish council or community group. See the details below or ring us on 0300 373 3730:

Aspatria (and local area)

Contact us on 0300 373 3730

  • Aspatria Dairy, Station Road, Aspatria, 
  • Blennerhasset Community Hall 
  • Bagrow, The Grey Goat. 
  • Aspatria Dairy, Station Road, Aspatria, 

Cockermouth (and local area)

  • Cockermouth Library, Main Street, Cockermouth (They can be picked up from the library when it is open. Please contact us on 0300 373 3730 for more details)
  • Brigham Memorial Hall, Brigham (distributed by the Parish Council in an emergency)
  • Melbreak community - Loweswater, Lorton, Buttermere and Blind Bothel (contact us on 0300 373 3730 for distribution details)

Keswick (and local area)

  • Cumberland Council Keswick office, Keswick Town Hall, Main Street, Keswick distribution organised by Keswick Flood Action Group during emergencies)
  • St Herbert's Church Hall, Braithwaite (contact us on 0300 373 3730 for distribution details)
  • Hesket Newmarket (distributed by the parish council in an emergency)

Maryport (and local area)

  • Cumberland Council Maryport office, Senhouse Street, Maryport (contact 0300 373 3730  to check availability)
  • Allonby - (distributed by the Parish Council in an emergency)
  • Dearham Village Hall, Dearham (distributed by the Parish Council in an emergency)
  • Dearham Commercial pub. (distributed by the Parish Council in an emergency)
  • Flimby Cemetery, Flimby (contact us on 0300 373 3730 for distribution details)
  • Flimby, Rugby Field (contact us on 0300 373 3730 for distribution details)
  • Maryport Fire Station, Maryport (contact Allerdale Borough Council on  0303 123 1702 for distribution details)


  • Solway Coast Discovery Centre, Liddell Street, Silloth-on-Solway, Cumbria, CA7 4DD (sandbags only) (open weekdays and Saturday mornings.)


  • Wigton Local Links, Community Office, Market Hall, Church Street, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9AA. Organised and distributed by the Wigton flood action group. (contact us on 0300 373 3730 for distribution details)


  • Cumberland Council, Allerdale House, Workington, CA14 3YJ. Please ring us on 0300 373 3730 to arrange pick up)
  • Barepot Soapary Works store (contact Workington Town Council in an emergency)

Cleaning up after a flood 

The  Environment Agency provides a wealth of information on what to do after you have been flooded. You can also find information on how to stay safe and healthy during a clean-up.

Who does what with regard to flooding?

Cumberland Council has now replaced the previous Cumbria County Council and 6 District Councils (including Allerdale Borough Council). For the latest information visit the emergencies and severe weather section.

Environment Agency -  the EA is responsible for incidents involving sea and river flooding. They provide a wealth of information on river and sea levels through their website.

The  Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership oversees all the work going on in Cumbria to tackle flooding.

More advice on flooding

There is a wealth of information relating to flooding:

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