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Strike action by waste collection crews in the former Allerdale area

Update on industrial action for waste collection services in the Allerdale area.

Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme

Allerdale Borough Council is encouraging owners of properties in the centre of Maryport to make use of a new grant scheme that will enable them to restore unoccupied buildings.

The Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme (MRCS), launched on 21 March 2022, aims to help the owners of eligible properties carry out high-quality repair and restoration works that bring unoccupied first floor (or above) floorspace into use for residential purposes.

Grants will be offered to owners of eligible properties to help cover the cost of approved renovation works. Based on the maximum grant available per property, a minimum of 15 properties will be borught back into use for residential purposes as a result of the scheme. Properties eligible to make an application for funding must be located within the MCRS area, which covers sections of Senhouse Street, Crosby Street and Curzon Street. 

Here is a map of the MCRS area:

Map of eligible area for Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme

Map of eligible area

Properties must be classed as unoccupied and substantially furnished at the time of application, unless the unoccupied space forms part of a larger unit (e.g., an empty storeroom above a shop). Eligible properties must also have independent access from the ground floor or see this created as part of the grant-funded works. Full details of the scheme and eligibility criteria can be found in the documents below.

Typically, a grant funding will be offered at a rate of 80% of eligible costs, however, eacg application will be assessed on its own merits and significance, will all offers of grant assistance made at the discretion of Allerdale Borough Council.

The maximum grant available for any eligible property is £75,000. 

To apply for the scheme, applicants are advised to apply via the link below before midnight on Sunday 1 May. Applicants will have to register with the MyAllerdale online portal to apply. 

Anyone with questions about the scheme should email the Maryport Team.

The scheme is all part of the Council's successfil bid to the Future High Streets funding pot provided by HR Government. 

Apply now
Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme - Application Process
Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme - Information & Eligibility
Maryport Residential Conversion Scheme - Map of Eligible Area
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