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Free gazebo hire for Allerdale based charities and community groups

We are pleased to offer Allerdale based charities and community groups, a free gazebo hire service, saving on some of the costs of running an outdoor community event.

Our gazebos are 3m x 3m, have side panels and are of robust quality. Full set up instructions are provided -  Gazebo Hire Instructions

Gazebos will be available to hire, free of charge, if not in use at Allerdale events and markets.

There is no charge for the gazebo hire, but organisations will be responsible for the costs of arranging their own collection and return, as well as any costs associated with the putting up and taking down of the gazebos.

Eligible organisations will be registered charities based in Allerdale, namely national or local registered charities with a presence in Allerdale e.g. retail premises, community facilities or service delivery in Allerdale; Allerdale based community organisations with a constitution; unincorporated community groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis; commercial organisations namely limited companies, partnerships and sole traders will not be eligible to apply to hire gazebos under this scheme. 

How do I hire a gazebo?

To apply to hire our gazebos, please complete the following application form. Please note we require at least 3 working days’ notice for when the gazebos are required.

Terms and conditions

The terms of the gazebo hire, the Agreed Terms can be found in the  Gazebo Hire Agreed Terms and Conditions.


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