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Bathing water quality

We have some beautiful coastline along the Solway Firth and we help to keep it as clean as possible. With the rain we can get, and the high levels of farming, this is not always easy. However, there is a lot of work to improve water quality on our beaches and you can help too.

The bathing water season is usually from 15th May – 30th September.

We must provide information about the bathing waters, including warnings where there is a risk to health due to pollution. We work closely with United Utilities and the Environment Agency.

Water quality levels

The Environment Agency has an interactive website on bathing water quality in England.

The latest water quality levels for our area were:

  • Allonby - Good

Updated bathing water data

The Environment Agency widget below is automatically updated with new data during the bathing water season.

Helping to improve water quality - LOVEmyBEACH

Bathing water is affected by a number of different sources including bacteria from excrement from farms and domestic animals.  Fat or sanitary products flushed down drains can block the drains meaning untreated sewage goes straight into the sea. Therefore you can help by

  • putting litter in the bin,
  • picking up your dog’s excrement and disposing of it in the bin
  • thinking about what you’re flushing down the toilet and pouring down the sink – keep it to “pee, poo and paper”
  • sign up to the LOVEmyBEACH campaign and join local beach-cleaning events.

Find out more from the LOVEmyBEACH website and watch the video below.

Tips to reduce potential risks from bathing waters and enjoy Allerdale’s beaches:

  • Observe local beach safety advice
  • Do not swallow sea water or water from beach streams
  • Try not to splash sea or stream water into your mouth
  • Always wash hands using soap and water and ensure all wet sand is removed from hands before eating

And remember to stay safe in the sun, by covering up and slapping on the sunscreen.

Algal blooms on lakes, rivers and canals

Public open waters such as canals, rivers and ponds are dealt with by the Environment Agency.

The most common problem are reports of (Blue Green) Algae in lakes and ponds which are dealt with by the Environment Agency.

Please observe any signs warning of algal growth and advising not to swim in the water.

We are responsible for dealing with algae occurring on land owned by us.