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Ship sanitation inspections

Ships that travel internationally require a valid sanitation certificate every six months under World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

A ship sanitation inspection includes an inspection of all areas of the ship assessing all of the controls in place, such as

  • waste management
  • food safety
  • vector control
  • potable water and infection.

Following an inspection, an Environmental Health Officer will issue either a Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate of Ship Sanitation Control Certificate, which is valid for six months.

How to arrange a ship sanitation inspection?

Inspections are carried out at the request of the ship's master or agent.

If you require a ship sanitation inspection at the Port of Workington or Port of Silloth, telephone or email us at least two working days before the inspection is required. If you also require a potable water sample for bacterial testing, this will be at an additional cost, please notify us at least two working days before the inspection is required. If you require a legionella water sample this will be at an additional cost, please notify us at least 5 working days before the inspection is required.

Before making a request, complete the Declaration of Health form , which must be completed and returned to

Within the declaration form, the following information must be given:

  • vessel name
  • gross tonnage
  • IMO number
  • location
  • estimated date and time of arrival and departure
  • agent contact details.

How much does it cost?



Vessel gross tonnage2022/23 rates2023/24 rates
Up to 1000£110£125
1001 – 3000£150£170
3001 -10,000£220£250
10,001 – 20,000£285£325
20,001 -30,000£365£415
Over 30,000£425£480
Vessels with 50-1000 Persons£425£480
Vessels with 1000 Persons£725£820



Further information can be found at The Association of Port Health Authorities


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