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The Allerdale Investment Partnership

Established in Spring 2014, Allerdale Investment Partnership (AIP) is a partnership between Allerdale Borough Council and Lucent Strategic Land Fund.

By enabling the development of surplus land in the Council's ownership, AIP will help to support and sustain the growth and development of local communities across Allerdale by bringing new jobs, retail, housing and leisure facilities to the borough, as well as generating funds that the Council can then reinvest in the local community and support the services it offers.

Lucent Strategic Land Fund is a specialist in land acquisition, finance, town planning, infrastructure delivery and project management. Lucent is involved in multiple joint ventures and co-investments with financial institutions, local authorities and statutory bodies.

The Fund focuses on large scale regeneration projects across the UK incorporating land and infrastructure delivery for residential and mixed use development.

The partnership enjoyed its first success in October 2016 with the opening of the new Lidl in Maryport. Current projects include a housing development in Ashfield Road, Workington; and hospitality businesses around the Workington gateway area near Derwent Park stadium. 

If you want to find out more, go to the Allerdale Investment Partnership website.