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Difficulty paying your bill

Allerdale Borough Council aims to provide information and support for people who are struggling to pay Council Tax.

If you are having difficulty paying, our budget advice page may be able to help. 

If you are on a low income, you may qualify for the  Council Tax Reduction Scheme . For details of other reductions and exemptions from your Council Tax bill, see our  discounts and exemptions information page.

You may also be entitled to benefits .

If you are unable to pay your Council Tax, or any other payment owed to us, you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss your personal circumstances. You can do this by calling  0300 373 3730 .

Debt advice is available from:

  • Allerdale Citizens Advice. Telephone: 01900 604 735
  • . Telephone: 0800 138 7777
  • West Cumbria Community Money Advice. Telephone: 01900 626 77 or 077169 176204
  • . Telephone 0800 280 2816
  • . Telephone: 0800 622 6151
  • . Telephone: 0808 808 4000
  • can also provide loans at a lower-rate of interest than doorstep-lenders and pay-day loan providers.Telephone: 01946 817508

Please don't suffer and ignore any bills you are struggling to pay. Speak to one of our customer service advisors or the Citizens Advice Bureau for help and advice.

Council Strategy design

Cumberland Council

On 1 April 2023 local government in Cumbria changed, with Cumberland Council providing all your council services.  

Don't worry though, your bins will be emptied as normal, and you'll still be able to speak to the same team about any enquiries to do with things like council tax, benefits, planning or any other service.

Find out more about the changes.

Keep up to date by finding and following the new council on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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