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Do I need planning permission?

Many householder-type developments don't need planning permission.

The best way to check is to use the Planning Portal's website. Their Interactive House is particularly useful for homeowners doing work on their properties. You can hover over each section in the house to see the planning information you need.

Go to the Planning Portal

The Planning Portal also provides information on Permitted Development Rights - which are the things you can do without planning permission.

Article 4 areas

Some areas of Allerdale are designated Article 4 areas. This means that there are extra planning restrictions, meaning that works usually covered by "permitted development" do require you to apply for planning permission.

While not necessarily covered by Article 4 directions, many residential barn conversions and rural workers' dwellings also have their permitted development rights restricted as a result of a condition of the conversion permission. This should be checked prior to carrying out development on such dwellings.

Find the Article 4 areas

Remember that we only provide planning permission for properties outside of the Lake District National Park boundary. If your property is within the boundary, you need to apply to the Lake District National Park Authority.

Certificate of lawfulness

It is not always clear cut whether you need planning permission or not.

If you would prefer the council's formal decision on these details then you can apply to us for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

Find out more about this from the Planning Portal website

You can also apply for a certificate through the Planning Portal.

How do I apply for planning permission?

If you do need planning permission, then find out more about how to apply . We can also help with any pre-planning advice.

Even if you don't need planning permission for your work, you may have to ensure it complies with the building regulations.

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