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What is building control?

Building control ensures a development is built to the correct standards to ensure it is safe, energy efficient and meets the requirements of disabled people.

Whether or not Planning Permission is required, most work has to comply with national building regulations .

Examples of factors building control monitors for approval are:

  • Structural stability
  • Means of escape in case of fire
  • Resistance to moisture and drainage
  • Stairways and access for disabled persons

Unlike the planning department, our building control team does cover developments within the Lake District National Park boundary.

How do we ensure the building regulations are complied with?

When you start a building project, you can:

Help with the building regulations

We are here to help you comply with the building regulations. If you need advice, contact our building control team by phone: 01900 702 520, text: 07860 017 719 or email .

Supporting Information for Structural Design Checks:

When submitting structural calculations in support of the Building Regulation application you should submit a design summary with every submission which contains the following, if relevant:

  • A list of the structural design codes with which it complies 
  • An explanation of the basis of the design. This requires sufficient detail to allow others to understand the structural principles used.
  • The class of the building for purposes of disproportionate collapse design (Table 11 of Approved Document A). If the building is in a number of classes, describe the division.
  • A description of the measures taken to guard against progressive collapse.
  • A description of the load path to the foundation and how lateral stability is achieved (with illustrations as required to give sufficient clarity).
  • The name of the organisation, or individual who has overall responsibility for the stability of the structure as required by the design codes.
  • A schedule of software used and for what purpose; confirming that its application and limitations are understood and that the results have been verified.
  • A statement of the qualifications of the person undertaking the design, whether the design has been subject to any in-house or third-party checking, and the name and qualifications of the person doing the checking.

Steps to apply for building control compliance:

Step 1: Check if you need it

Step 2: If you do, apply online (you can do this if you have started or even finished the work on your property)

Step 3: Book an inspection

Step 4: Check it is all registered with us upon completion


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