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Government's £150 rebate scheme

We have started providing the £150 council tax energy cost rebate to eligible households across Allerdale. Find out more about the rebate scheme.

Book an inspection by our building control team

As your building work progresses, you may need us to come out and inspect the work. It is easy to book an appointment with us.

Coronavirus and our building control inspections

Allerdale Building Control will be continuing to offer site inspections during this new “lockdown” period introduced at the beginning of January. Same day inspections will be available if booked before 10am that day.

There will, however, be certain restrictions. We will not be able to undertake internal inspections of occupied homes i.e. where we need to enter the home itself to carry out an inspection. For unoccupied buildings including, for example, new homes, we ask that the inspection can be undertaken unaccompanied and that the building is ventilated e.g. windows are left open during the inspection.

All external inspections e.g. for foundations, drains etc. can be undertaken as before, albeit with the normal covid protocols in place (social distancing etc.). If your business has specific new procedures in place for this lockdown, then please advise us and we will adhere to those measures requested

If you have any queries on this matter please phone our Building Control team or email .

How to book a building control inspection

We have many ways to book and inspection by our team:

  • Phone: 01900 702520 the day before, or before 10am on the day you wish to have the inspection. We encourage you to phone the day before to have a better chance to book the inspection on the day you desire.

  • Email  the team and request an inspection.

  • Text us on 07860 017 719 and we will receive a text message with your inspection request.

  • LABC app: book inspections in from your smart phone or tablet

Ensure you include the full site address that you want us to inspect when you text or email.

We do not offer time appointments for our inspections. This allows our staff to visit every development site that has booked an inspection for that day and return to the office to complete the required paperwork.

Charges for inspections where more than 12 months have passed

Where completion inspections are requested more than 12 months after the last inspection there will be an additional charge. This charge can be viewed in the document Allerdale building control ancillary charges .