Close Silloth Town Council by-election

The result of the Silloth Town Council  by-election held on 17 October 2019, can be found on our website.


Website accessibility and document readers

Website accessibility

We have built this new website with accessibility in mind. It has a number of features to meet the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.0 standards requiring sites to be perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. 

As a result we have used 

  • a clear and simple design with a sharp contrast
  • easy navigation
  • compatibility with screen readers and other devices as well as browser extensions
  • 'alt-text' on items by default 
  • functionality which does not require a mouse
  • responsive design allowing increase in font
  • slide galleries with an at least three second rotation
  • use of html components to allow easy migration

Browser extensions and online help

The BBC's My Web My Way website provides lots of information on how to enhance the experience for computer users with disabilities.

Google offers a number of browser extensions to its Chrome browser. As does Apple.

There is also more information on how to use the accessibility features in the Microsoft software

Translation services

We've designed our website to work with online translation services such as Google Translate. You can find out more about the translation services we provide if you need more help with our services.

How do I read documents which can be downloaded on the Allerdale Borough Council website?

There are a number of documents which are available to download on this website. Most will open automatically with readers already installed on your computer or mobile device. 

However, if there is a document which is in a format which you haven't got, you can find the links to download the free readers below:

PDF documents

Download the free Adobe PDF reader

Word documents

Download the free Microsoft Word document reader