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European Parliament elections May 2019 - Allerdale area

The EU Parliamentary elections for the north-west England is being coordinated by the Office of the Regional Returning Officer based in Manchester. We are organising the election in the Allerdale area. 

Find out more from them about the EU Parliament election including the full results.

Results for the European Parliamentary election in the Allerdale area

The results for the European Parliamentary elections in the Allerdale area are as follows:

Votes cast for each party in the Allerdale region for the European Parliament election (NW England region)
Change UK - The Independent Group969
Conservative and Unionist Party2,363
English Democrats200
Green Party2,766
Labour Party3,205
Liberal Democrats4,229
The Brexit Party9,599
UK European Union Party (UKEUP)71
UK Independence Party (UKIP)991
Mohmmad Aslam (Independent)42
Tommy Robinson476
Download the full European parliament election NW Region Results
Download the European Parliament election results formula for assigning seats (NW region)
Details of the Allerdale region European Parliament result, May 2019
Total number of votes castRejected ballot papers

Verification result

The verification of votes cast was carried out on 24 May 2019 ahead of the count. The numbers are:

European Parliamentary election verification numbers in the Allerdale area
Total number of verified ballot papers from polling stations16,649
Total number of verified postal ballot papers8,463
Total number of verified ballot papers going forward to the count25,112
Turnout (%)33.78

Who is standing in the European Parliamentary elections in the north-west region?

You can find out who is standing for election in the north-west region by clicking on the Statement of Persons Nominated below:

Statement of Persons Nominated - European Parliament elections May 2019

Notice of Agents - European Parliament elections May 2019

Find out more from the Office of the Regional Returning Officer based in Manchester.

Other documents

Download the Situation of Polling Places for the European Parliament elections

Download the Notice of Election

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