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Allerdale Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy

Context of the strategy

In 2016 the Council adopted the Allerdale Business Growth Strategy. This strategy reflected the position of the Council’s Executive and the position of the  Government on economic development and regeneration at that time. It contained a strong business growth element given the lack of national funding available to support regeneration activity. During the last five years, the council has improved relationships with businesses, particularly the large employers in the area, significantly. 

The Allerdale Business Growth Strategy also changed the way in which the Council supported the visitor economy. The development of a visitor specific website and new branding was designed not only to benefit visitors but also potential employees locating to Allerdale. 

In late 2019, the Executive approved the development of a new economic strategy for the Council and a procurement exercise was undertaken to find a suitable partner to undertake the exercise on behalf of the Council. In March 2020 the Council appointed a consortium led by Mott McDonald to lead on a three point commission on behalf of the Council. 

The three key elements of the commission were:

  • An update of the Allerdale baseline economic assessment 
  • The development of the Workington Town Investment Plan
  • The development of a new economic growth strategy for Allerdale Borough Council

The final part of the commission was the development of a new economic growth strategy for Allerdale. It was determined early on in the development of the strategy that this document would also form the Council’s economic recovery strategy to mitigate the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. This element has now been completed and is put before the executive for adoption.

Our economic vision for Allerdale

The Allerdale Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy seeks to put in place a framework of future interventions that will guide the recovery from the pandemic and the longer term development of the local economy. The vision contained within the strategy is as follows:

“By 2031, Allerdale’s economy will be strong, diversified and well connected, with a growing and highly skilled population. Employment levels will be high with skills attainment well matched to local employment needs. Allerdale’s businesses and residents will benefit from growing opportunities in clean energy, especially the nuclear sector and offshore wind, and a manufacturing renaissance. The local visitor economy will have fully recovered from Covid-19, and a greater number of tourists will be attracted beyond the National Park boundaries. New and established businesses will have seized the opportunities offered by technological and behavioural change, and a refreshed policy and regulatory environment.

Allerdale’s economic growth will be sustainable, inclusive, and offer opportunities for all. The heart of the district will be its network of prosperous, resilient towns and flourishing rural communities. High quality of life will be underpinned by outstanding public services, affordable, well-designed and welllocated housing, and development that is sensitive to the area’s heritage and natural environment, the district will offer an attractive quality of life for all existing and new residents. Allerdale will be a great place to earn a living and raise a family.”

There are six strategic objectives identified to deliver the vision, which build on issues and opportunities identified in the baseline assessment, contained within the report. They are:

  • Clean growth and the low carbon economy
  • Growing and future proofing Allerdale’s manufacturing base
  • Support agriculture to grow and prosper post EU exit
  • Harnessing changing lifestyle and working patterns to diversify and grow the economy
  • Creating thriving visitor destinations, towns and rural communities
  • Sharing the proceeds of growth

The strategy identifies a number of key actions within each strategic objective designed to help the local economy to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic and grow in the future. The strategy can be found at Appendix A to this report. 

In developing this strategy, the Council have undertaken a consultation exercise. This has not been as extensive as originally planned due to the impact of the pandemic but it has been consulted upon with a wide range of stakeholders. 

The strategy was agreed by the Executive on 12 May 2021.

The full Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy

Download the full Allerdale Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy.

This document may not be fully accessible. If you need help accessing this document please contact the web team by email.

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