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Animal boarding licence

If you run somewhere looking after animals, such as a kennel or cattery, you will need a licence. You need to apply for a licence from us.

What conditions are there?

You can find more information, including the conditions and what you need to do on the website. We recommend you read this before applying for a licence through us.

What will the licence include?

The licence will outline things like:

  • the conditions under which the animals must be kept
  • how many cats and dogs can be kept

How do I apply for a Animal Boarding Licence?

Download the relevant forms as below and send them to our Environmental Health team at our offices in Workington. There will be a

Download the Conditions of Dog Boarding Establishments

Download the Conditions of Cat Boarding Establishments

Download the Animal Boarding Licence application form

We will contact you following after you have submitted your application form and we have received payment to arrange a visit to the premises and process the application

What will I need to show to get a licence?

You will need to show that you are eligible to keep animals. You will not be eligible if you are disqualified from:

  • keeping an animal boarding establishment
  • keeping a pet shop under the Pet Animals Act 1951
  • keeping animals under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954
  • owning, keeping, being involved in the keeping or being entitled to control or influence the keeping of animals, dealing in animals or transporting or being involved in the transportation of animals under the Animals Welfare Act 2006
  • owning, keeping, dealing in or transporting animals under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006. In Scotland an applicant must also not be disqualified from working with, using, driving or riding animals, providing services to animals that would involve taking possession of them, taking possession of an animal to carry out any of the activities listed or taking charge of animals for any other purpose

We will check that you can show the following:

  • That the animals will be kept in suitable accommodation at all times. Suitable accommodation takes into account the construction and size of the accommodation, the number of animals to be housed in it, facilities for exercising the animals, cleanliness and temperature, lighting and ventilation provisions.
  • That suitable food, drink and bedding materials will be provided and that the animals are exercised and visited regularly.
  • That steps are taken to prevent and control the spread of disease among the animals and that isolation facilities are in place.
  • That adequate protection is provided to the animals in the case of fire and other emergencies.
  • That a register is kept. The register should contain a description of all animals received, their arrival and departure date and the name and address of the owner. The register should be available to be inspected at any time by an authorised local authority officer, veterinary surgeon or practitioner.

If you are refused a licence, or want to challenge a condition, you can take your case to be heard at a local magistrates court