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Government's £150 rebate scheme

Eligible households across Allerdale will begin to receive their £150 energy cost council tax rebate from today (Thursday 12 May). 
More than 40,000 households will receive a one-off payment, with the first batch of payments for those in council tax bands A to D who pay for their council tax via direct debit.
There are some households whose Direct Debit details have not been verified and these will follow on as soon as possible. Households who don’t pay by direct debit will receive letters containing information on how they can collect the rebate from their local post office in the coming weeks. 

Find out more about the rebate scheme.

Empty Homes Matchmaker Scheme

The Empty Homes Matchmaker Scheme aims to match empty home owners (who would like to sell their property) with people who want to buy an empty home. Whether your empty home needs total renovation or is ready to move into, you are welcome to join the scheme.

We shall put a lists of home below when we get them.

How do I join the Matchmaker Scheme?

To SELL your empty home please complete the 'Sellers Registration form' below by downloading it to your computer, filling in and email or post it to us. Your home must have been unoccupied for over six months.

To BUY an empty home please let us know what you are looking for by completing the 'Buyers Registration form'  below by downloading it to your computer, filling in and email or post it to us.

Download the current list of registered 'buyers' and their requirements

When Allerdale Borough Council spots a 'match' between an empty home for sale and a buyer's requirements, the empty home owner will receive the buyer's details to follow up. Or if a buyer sees an empty property on this website which they may be interested in, they can contact Housing Services to pass their details onto the seller.

The Empty Homes Matchmaker Scheme is a free display service and Allerdale Borough Council has not verified the descriptions of individual properties published and can in no way be held liable for inaccurate information published. 

The empty home owner is expected to keep Allerdale Borough Council up to date with the progress of any sale, whether through this scheme or otherwise.

A hard copy of the 'Empty Homes For Sale list' can be sent to you upon request. Please contact the Housing Services department to request a copy.

Contacting the Housing Services Team

Allerdale Borough Council's Housing Services department can be contacted by calling 0303 123 1702  or emailing

Please note: for confidentiality purposes no personal details are published on the website and any negotiations and/or sales take place directly between the seller and buyer.

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