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Local Lettings Policy (LLP)

We want to make sure that local people can access homes in areas where they live, work or have close family. Some areas have low housing stocks and high demand. The Local Lettings Policy (LLP) is a set of criteria for applicants when they are applying to housing associations to get a property in one of these areas.

The LLP applies to all new housing association tenancies in the parishes of:

  • Cockermouth,
  • Keswick,
  • Above Derwent,
  • Bassenthwaite,
  • Borrowdale,
  • Caldbeck,
  • Lorton,
  • Underskiddaw and
  • St Johns, Castlerigg & Wythburn.

Anyone offered a tenancy in any of the parishes must meet at least one of the local connection criteria specified in the LLP, unless they are specifically exempt by a clause in the LLP. 

Pilot policy in Cockermouth beginning March 2018

A pilot Local Lettings Policy has been introduced to address concerns from housing associations that the current Local Lettings Policy is resulting in some properties in Cockermouth becoming hard to let. The pilot runs from 1 March 2018 to 31 July 2018 and applies to properties in Cockermouth that have not been able to be let under the current Local Lettings Policy.

For more information about which properties are covered by the pilot Local Lettings Policy please contact the local housing associations.

For more information about affordable housing in Allerdale, contact us on 01900 702570 or e-mail