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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is a broad term that covers social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, which is available to eligible households whose needs are not met by open market housing. 

Housing Associations provide most of the Social and Affordable Rented Housing in Allerdale. Social rent levels are set by local housing associations with reference to government guidance, and Affordable rent properties are available for a rent which is  no more than 80% of the local open market rent. There are a small number of properties available for affordable rent from a private landlord. A list of housing associations can be found here.

Intermediate housing refers to homes for sale and rent provided at a cost below market levels. In Allerdale, we ask developers to build intermediate housing as part of large-scale developments and operate a Discounted Sale scheme.

There are properties in Allerdale available for Shared Ownership, where properties are jointly owned by a household and a housing association. 

There is a variety of affordable Older Persons Housing available in Allerdale.

The Housing policy  team work to increase the affordable housing stock available in Allerdale. Our Role is to make sure that the right type of affordable properties are built where they are needed.

The Government’s Help To Buy scheme does not provide affordable housing, but can help households on to the housing ladder.