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Housing for Older People in Allerdale

If you are no longer able to live in your own home, there are options available which provide some form of care, but also allow you to live independently.

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing gives older people the independence of having a self-contained flat with the security of an alarm system and a warden. There is often a communal social area. The sheltered housing staff should check on you every day and be able to assist you in an emergency. They would not be expected to provide care or do things like shopping.

If you require additional services, you can still have care provided by the social services department, such as meals on wheels, or someone to come in to get you up in the morning, or to help you wash, or do your housework. 
Alternatively, you could move into very sheltered housing or extra care sheltered housing, where services such as meals and personal care are usually provided. 

It is possible to find sheltered housing to rent or to buy. 

Who provides sheltered housing? 

A number of housing providers have sheltered housing schemes:

Anchor Housing - 0808 102 4179
Kirklands BungalowsCockermouth
Lakeland CourtKeswick
Solway CourtMaryport
Salisbury CourtWorkington
Wordsworth CourtCockermouth
Abbeyfield HouseCockermouth01900 825306
Loveday HouseWigton016973 345848
Home Group Supported Accommodation with part time wardens - 0345 141 4663
Pennine ViewSilloth
Bridge End Court (no warden)Cockermouth
Castles and Coasts Housing Association
Ellen CourtMaryport0800 0851171
Castle GardensPapcastle0800 0851171
Victoria CourtCockermouth0800 0851171
Laybourne HouseWorkington0800 0851171
Firth HouseSeaton0800 0851171
Derwent CloseKeswick0800 0851171
Housing 21
Inglis HouseMaryport0370 192 4000

Further information about sheltered housing 

Further information about sheltered housing is available from Age UK at

Extra Care Housing

The aim of Extra Care Housing is to help people stay at home for as long as possible and to live independently. Extra Care Housing is designed with the needs of frail older people in mind, and with varying levels of care and support available on site.

People living in Extra Care housing will have their own self-contained homes, their own front door and have the legal right to live in the property. Extra Care housing also provides communal facilities and may include restaurants, or dining rooms, health and fitness facilities, hobby rooms and computer rooms. Both domestic support and personal care are available and is usually provided by an on-site team.

Access to Extra Care Housing

Extra care housing is usually available to people who have a care or support need, and an assessment of your care and support needs will be carried out to help decide if this is type of accommodation can support you.


Who provides extra care housing?


Extra Care
Castles & CoastsGreta GardensKeswick01228 635683
Home GroupFairview CourtWigton016973 43908
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