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Street trading and pedlars

Through the street trading scheme, we aim to regulate the location and number of street traders. The scheme also aims to prevent the obstruction of the streets of Allerdale by street trading activities. In doing so, it recognises the importance of licensed businesses to the local economy and the character of the area whilst trying to ensure that the activities do not cause nuisance or annoyance to the people in the area.

Prohibited streets

There are some streets which are prohibited from street trading. These are listed below:

Street Trading - Prohibited Streets (from 09/10/06)


Both sides of Station Street, Station Road, St. Helen’s Street, Kirkgate and Crown Street. Both sides of South Street between the junctions of Station Road and Rubbybanks Road. Both sides of Gallowbarrow. Both sides of Sullart Street between its junctions with Main Street and Gallowbarrow. Both sides of Main Street, from its junction with Market Place and Gallowbarrow.


Both sides of Senhouse Street including the area up to its junction with Well Lane and North Quay, Crosby Street, High Street, John Street, Wood Street, Fleming Street, Fleming Square, Eaglesfield Street, Kirkby Street and Curzon Street, King Street, North Quay, South Quay, both sides of the bridge connecting South Quay and Senhouse Street.


Both sides of Market Square, Market Place, Main Street, Station Street, Station Road, St. John's Street, Derwent Close, The Headlands, Heads Road, Tithebarn Street, Bank Street and Stanger Street. Both sides of Lake Road from Market Square to the Boat House opposite Derwent Island. Both sides of Station Road, Southey Street and the Heads.


Armstrong Street, Belle Isle Street, Brow Top, Campbell Savours Way, Chapel Street, Clay Street, The area between Brow Top and Lonsdale Park known as the Cloffocks excluding parking areas. Corporation Road, Craggs Lane, Curwen Street, Dean Street, Derwent Street, Dora Crescent, Duke Street, Edkin Street, Fletcher Crescent, Gordon Street, Gray Street between Oxford Street and Harrington Road, Harcourt Street, Ivison Lane, James Street, Jane Street, John Street, King Street, Lismore Place, Lonsdale Place, Market Place, Milburn Street, Murraydale Terrace, New South Watt Street, Nook Street, North Watt Street, Oxford Street from its junctions with Vulcan’s Lane and John Street, Park Lane, Peter Street, Pow Street, east of 17 Pow Street, to its junction with Washington Street Risman Place including the area at its junction with Washington Street, Ritson Street, Rosemary Lane, Sanderson Street, Senhouse Street, South Watt Street, Speedwell Lane from its junctions with Pow Street and Brow Top, Station Road, Steelman’s Walk, Tiffen Lane, Thompson Street, Udale Street, Vulcan’s Lane, Warwick Place, Washington Square - other than those specifically designated as consent streets Washington Street – other than those specifically designated as consent areas, William Street, Wilson Street, Winifred Street, Woods Lane, Wybrow Terrace, Yeowartville, York Street.


Both sides of Lawn Terrace, including the area of street leading to The Promenade, and both sides of Skinburness Road, north of its junction with Skinburness Drive.

Find out more

Download the Street Trading Policy

How to apply?

Contact our Environmental Health team on 0303 123 1702 to find out more about how to apply for street trading consent. 


Download the application form for Street Trading Consent


If you wish to be a pedlar, we have produced guidance on how you can comply with your certificate when selling in Allerdale. 

As a Pedlar, you must ‘go from town to town’ so you must not frequent one particular town centre in Allerdale every day.

A pedlar can remain static in the same location for a maximum of 10 minutes after arrival. As a pedlar, you should then move on (at a reasonable speed) to a location which is at least 50 metres away from the first location, and again you should not remain in that second location for more than 10 minutes. You cannot immediately return to the first location since you cannot return to a location you have previously occupied within three hours. Nor can you occupy a location within 50 metres of any location he has occupied during the previous 3 hours. These requirements are intended to keep a pedlar trading while on the move.

However, we do recognise that a pedlar may be approached by potential customers during the 10 minute period mentioned above but you may be unable to conclude the transaction with that customer during that period. Similarly, we recognise that a pedlar may be approached by potential customers while travelling from one location to a location at least 50 metres away.

Since we do not want to place unreasonable restrictions on a pedlar’s ability to do business, there is an exception to the above limitations to enable a pedlar who is approached in this way to remain in his location beyond the 10 minute period or to stop to conclude those transactions.
Once all such transactions have been concluded (or aborted) the pedlar must continue to move away immediately.

So, if as a pedlar you are not actively making a sale or being approached by a customer at the 10 minute cut-off point, you must immediately start to move away from the location towards a location at least 50 metres away from that location. If while on the move to your next location, you are approached by a customer, you may stop to deal with that customer. But, as soon as the sale is concluded, you should continue on the move towards your next location (unless, of course, you are approached again by another customer on your way there).

Download the full guidance for pedlars

How to complain about a street trader

If you think someone is not abiding by the rules and regulations please do contact us with as much information as possible and will shall investigate. All complaints are in confidence.

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