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Car park permits

Allerdale Borough Council provides a number of parking permits which can save you money and make it quicker and easier to use our car parks.

How do I buy a car park permit?

All of our car park permits can be bought from one of our customer service centres.

Standard car park permits

The prices of our standard parking permits are as follows:

Private cars and motocycles. Parking is only valid in the car parks shown on the permit.

  • All towns: £420pa
  • Cockermouth only: £250pa
  • Keswick only: £315pa
  • Maryport only: £105pa
  • Wigton only: £180pa
  • Workington only: £263pa
  • Charge for permit alteration: £15

Payment periods - 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month are available as a simple divisible.

Low-pay car park permit

If you are on a low income you can get a workers permit for £35 for three months or £70 for six months. Please contact our customer services for more information.

Hotel and guest car park permits

If you run a hotel, B&B or other type of accomodation, you can buy a permit for your guests. Please contact our customer services for more information.

Reserved bays

You can reserve a bay in one of our car parks. This costs £240 for six months and £475 for 12 months. Please contact our customer services for more information.

My road has parking restrictions. Where do I get a permit to park there?

We are not responsible for on-street parking. If you need a permit to park on a road, contact Cumbria County Council

Many of the streets in Allerdale are disc parking. This means you can park for free for a limited amount of time (usually one hour). This is provided, and enforced, by Cumbria County Council. You will need to display a disc which you can get for free from many local shops or our customer service centres.