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Find out about MiPermit

MiPermit is a quick and secure way to pay for parking. 

Instead of finding the right change for a pay and display machine, you can simply use your mobile phone to pay, and the parking fee is charged to your credit or debit card. This also reduces waste by not requiring a paper ticket to be displayed.

MiPermit offers greater flexibility, you can extend your stay (if supported at the location) and receive reminder texts without having to return to your vehicle to put cash in the machine. 

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How do we know you have paid for parking?

When you pay for your parking through MiPermit, your vehicle details are synchronised with the patrolling enforcement officers hand-held computers in real-time, so when the officer sees you are not displaying a paper ticket or permit, they check their hand-held and will find your vehicle has a valid stay attached to it.

More benefits of using the MiPermit App

Using a cashless service is fast, convenient and easy to manage. You can arrange your parking by telephone, SMS from your mobile, via our smartphone apps or online using a MiPermit portal.

You can also use MiPermit to pay for season tickets at car parks that offer this service. More details are available at each location.

The MiPermit app, can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Once downloaded and registered with a car, just find a parking space and use the app to buy your digital 'ticket'.

To buy a parking session, you will need to make sure you pay for parking in the right car park. The app should find your location if location services is enabled on your phone. Or you can enter a specific code for that car park. These codes can be found below and on signage in the car parks.

Please note, you will not actually receive a paper ticket to display in your vehicle. Instead, the details will be registered on the MiPermit system which is used by our enforcement team. They'll check the system to see if you've paid.

You receive a receipt within the app for each purchase, and you can always download invoices if you need to claim the parking back such as for work. 

The app shows you how much time you have left on your parking and can give you a reminder in a text message. 

You can also use the MiPermit app to add more time to your parking at any point, if you wish to do more shopping or chat longer over a coffee.

The code for each of the car parks is
CodeCar park nameNo of spacesVehiclesPostcodeArea
712220Otley Road87CarsCA12 5LEKeswick
712221Bell Close121CarsCA12 5JYKeswick
712222Central334CarsCA12 5DPKeswick
712223Lakeside243CarsCA12 5DJKeswick
712224Lakeside4CoachesCA12 5DJKeswick
712201Central Station303CarsCA14 3BUWorkington
712202Brow Top157CarsCA14 3ABWorkington
712231Brow Top Annex98CarsCA14 3ABWorkington
712203Elizabeth Street15CarsCA14 4BUWorkington
712204Allerdale House169CarsCA14 3YJWorkington
712205Udale Street35CarsCA14 3ANWorkington
712206Ladies Walk30CarsCA14 3BAWorkington
712214Water Street203CarsCA7 9AAWigton
712225Memorial Gardens (aka Wakefield Road)115CarsCA13 0HRCockermouth
712226Sullart Street62CarsCA13 0DYCockermouth
712228Bitterbeck69CarsCA13 9NWCockermouth
712230Riverside34CarsCA13 9NPCockermouth
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