Noise pollution

We have a duty investigate complaints of alleged noise nuisance and take action where appropriate in accordance with noise enforcement policy.

Noise nuisance can be caused by industry, trade, domestic premises. 

Noise becomes a nuisance when it is loud, persistent, frequent or repetitive and if it affects a person’s lifestyle or prevents sleep.

What to do if you are disturbed by noise?

You should in the first instance tactfully approach the person or business causing the noise and explain the situation.

If this does not improve the noise you may contact us either for advice or to investigate the complaint on your behalf. 

You will need to provide us with: your name and address, details of the noise, when and how long the noise occurs, how the noise affects you and anything done to try and deal with the problem.

Report it

What happens if monitoring shows a noise nuisance exists?

After gathering information a decision will be made on the best way to continue the investigation.

If the noise monitoring verifies that a noise nuisance exists we will write formally to the person causing the nuisance, or may serve a legal Abatement Notice requiring the noise nuisance to be stopped.