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Air quality

We are committed to maintaining good air quality for good health and will continue to pursue further improvements where possible.

Air quality in urban and rural areas are constantly at risk by pollution from human activities. Emissions to air from industry are regulated under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Clean Air Acts.

We monitor for Nitrogen Dioxide from vehicles and indistry using diffusion tube monitoring sites across the borough. We take proactive measures to tackling Particulate Matter and Sulphur Dioxide via Smoke Control Areas, Planning requirements, permitting processes and general air pollution regulatory activities under the Clean Air Act.

These Acts require that certain industrial and commercial premises are authorised. Information on these processes are kept on a public register at Allerdale House.

Air Quality Annual Status Report

We produce an Annual Status Report on air quality which you can download below:

Download the latest Air Quality Annual Status Report

Other useful information

You may also want to read through our advice on wood burning stoves and open fires, as well as the need for environmental permits.

Thankfully we tend to have very good quality air.