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Trade Waste (commercial waste)

We work in partnership with Allerdale Waste Services to provide trade waste collection services around Allerdale. Waste generated from a business operation regardless of whether the business is part of your domestic residence is liable for a charge for removal and disposal. 

What we collect

  • General refuse
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Mixed recycling of glass, cans and plastic

Bin sizes

Bin sizes start at 240 litres (which is the size of a larger domestic refuse bin) to a maximum size of 1100L (this is the largest bin we offer which has four wheels and a roll top lid).

How often is trade waste collected?

We will collect your waste to suit your needs. You can request collection:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly 

You can contact us if you need to change how often your waste is collected, request an additional collection or cancel a collection.

Request a trade waste quote

How much does it cost?

All of our trade waste prices are based on the individual requirements of our customers and are therefore price on application.

We are always competitive and always aim to provide the best price in the market.

For a personal quote, call us on 0303 123 1702 or email

Frequently asked questions

Commercial waste, also known as trade waste, is all waste generated as a result of operating a business, regardless of their size and whether they are part of your home.

Delivering commercial waste collection is not a statutory service for the Council and a reasonable charge is required to be made by the Council to ensure that it recovers the full cost of commercial waste removal and disposal.

As a business owner, you are free to choose any registered waste carrier to provide your commercial waste collection service. Some reasons we would say to choose the Council include:

  • Trusted local operator – ensuring you receive a reliable and cost-effective service (that is also VAT free)
  • Full assurance of legal compliance – giving you peace of mind
  • Comprehensive range of recycling services – minimising your costs and meeting your legal duties
  • Environmentally friendly - minimum carbon footprint and effectively zero to landfill. 

We are confident of our ability to provide a value for money service and generally will match like-for-like quotes for trade waste services in the area having received proof of quote and subject to an individual assessment of your needs.

Reducing harmful environmental impact is in everyone’s interest and it is also good business as it reduces your waste costs. Applying the waste hierarchy is the method of doing this as it means you should deal with your waste in the following way:

  • Prevent the creation of waste (most favoured option)
  • Minimise amount of waste produced
  • Reuse materials that would otherwise need to be treated as waste
  • Recycle as much material as practicable
  • Recover energy
  • Dispose of material by landfill (least favoured option)

This is a legal duty and by applying the waste hierarchy you will fulfil your legal duty (as required by regulation 12 of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011).

The council is committed to providing advice and guidance to its customers and to providing a comprehensive range of recycling services. Only a tiny fraction (0.5 per cent) of the commercial waste that we collect from local businesses goes to  landfill. 

Fly tipping is illegal and you could be prosecuted if you do so. It is also illegal to place business waste in a domestic bin or take it to a household waste recycling centre for disposal.

We would advise you to take care in using ‘man in a van’ type services unless you check that they are appropriately licensed, which is something you can check by asking to see their Waste Carriers License or looking up on the Environment Agency’s website.

If you use an unlicensed contractor and the waste is traced back to you, then you will be subject to prosecution.

Bin sizes start at 120 litres, which is the size of a domestic refuse bin. The largest bin is 1100 litres, which has four wheels and a roll top lid.

Healthcare waste or clinical waste is subject to separate legislation and is not acceptable in trade waste bins because it poses a health and safety risk in terms of threat of infection.

Types of clinical waste include human or animal tissue, blood, swabs or dressings and syringes and needles

Ask us for a tailored quote. Our prices are always competitive but can vary depending on your individual needs. We will always assess your individual needs to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Contact the team by email.

We will collect your waste to suit your needs as long as it is operationally practicable and commercially viable for us to do so. You can request regular collection either weekly or fortnightly.

You can contact us if you need to change collection frequency or request an additional collection. 

Our missed collection rate is very low. You should report a missed bin if your bin was put out on the correct collection day and at the agreed place before 7am. There may be occasions where operational reasons mean we cannot make a collection as scheduled, for example, if there has been a vehicle breakdown, in which case we will use all reasonable endeavours to catch up overdue collections.

You can pay your trade waste bill online via our website here, where you can pay things like business rates. Please make sure you have the invoice reference number to hand.

Pay trade waste bill

Our trade waste collections are carried out by Allerdale Waste Services Limited (AWSL).

AWSL is 100 per cent owned and so ultimately controlled by the council. However, it is separate from the council and arms-length in nature, so it can operate in a flexible and business-like way.

AWSL's purpose is: To deliver high quality waste and recycling services to the residents and businesses of Allerdale on behalf of the council that represent demonstrable value for money.

We collect information about you when you subscribe to the trade waste service. We collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Property address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

How we will use this information: When you subscribe, we collect information about you to allow us to provide the service, to allow us to contact you in relation to the renewal of your current subscription and to provide any necessary service updates. Your details will not be passed to any outside organisation or third party.

You can review our privacy statement

Trade waste: what you need to know

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses (including those operating from home), have a legal responsibility to safely contain and legally dispose of any waste produced from their business. The local authority may issue you with a fixed penalty notice of £300 or take action in the magistrates court with a maximum fine of £5,000 if you fail to comply with the legislation.

The law applies to all types of business, no matter how small they are, what type of waste they create or how much. Waste is considered as anything that is no longer required such as:

  • Old mail
  • Cleaning products
  • Food eaten on your premises
  • Cardboard, plastics, sweepings
  • Ashtray waste
  • Damaged goods that cannot be returned.

It is illegal to take waste from businesses and place it in your domestic bin, or take it to a household waste recycling centre.

Get in touch with the team

To contact our trade waste team, either call 0303 123 1702 or email