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Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2): Site Allocations

Issues and Options Discussion Paper

Allerdale Local Plan Part 1 (Strategic and Development Management Policies DPD) sets out the policy framework for Allerdale Local Plan Part 2 (Site Allocations DPD) as it identifies the settlement hierarchy for the Borough, sets out the future role, function and spatial objectives of each of the five tiers of the settlement hierarchy and indicates the level of housing and employment development for each.

One of the key roles of the Site Allocations DPD is to Identify sites for allocation within the Principal Service Centre, Key Service Centres and Local Service Centres. This will be done in accordance with the role function, spatial objectives and level of development set out for each tier. A broad range of uses such as housing, employment, open space and nature conservation will be considered.

In order to establish the type of sites for which land must be found and the issues to be addressed within the Site Allocations DPD the council has produced an Issues and Options Discussion Paper. This paper is the latest stage of the consultation process for Site Specific Allocations DPD. The main objectives of the document are to;

  • Set out context for the development of the Site Allocations DPD
  • Provide the basis for the distribution of growth in the Local Service Centres
  • Provide a catalogue of sites and land uses which have been suggested to us.

The consultation process for the sites

We sought the public's views on the initial catalogue of sites submitted during the Call for Sites in 2014.

This consultation resulted in additional sites being submitted. We consulted on these sites in 2015.

Additional sites consultation

Between 9 January 2015 and 27 February 2015 we sought the views on a number of additional sites put forward for development purposes in response to the ‘Issues and Options’ consultation 2014.

Download the Issues and Options Additional Sites Submitted document - January 2015 6.3 MB

The sites were illustrated as submitted, with no assessment of their suitability or fit with the Local Plan strategy.   They were not being promoted by us and are for discussion only; no analysis or ranking had been carried out. Sites were assessed in accordance with the Site Assessment Methodology document which was published as part of the earlier consultation.

Hard copies of the consultation documents can be viewed at the Council’s offices and at local libraries and drop-in sessions were organised.

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