The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) - development process

We have agreed the Local Plan (Part 1). Part 2 of the plan looks at the sites and allocating them for types of development.

The first stage in the production of the Site Allocations Development Document (DPD), prior to the Issues and Options Consultation 2014, involved a ‘Call for Sites’ and the publication of three documents in September 2013:

  • A Discussion Paper;  
  • A Draft Site Assessment Methodology; and
  • A Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.

Stage 1- Consultation on submitted sites

We then carried out two consultations on the sites which had been submitted: the Issues and Options Discussion Paper and associated consultation, and the Additional Sites submitted paper and consultation.  

Stage 2 - Preferred options

Once a full consultation has been carried out on the sites which were submitted to us, we assessed all the sites and devised a "preferred options" paper which showed where development best fit in the borough.

Stage 3 - Focused consultation

A further consultation has been carried out on some additional sites which have been submitted to us and some policy developments.

Stage 4 - Pre-Submission Consultation

This is the final stage before the Local Plan (Part 2) is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for an independent examination.

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Click on the links below to find out more about each stage in the process of developing the Local Plan (Part 2). You can also see the collection of evidence used to formulate the plan.


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