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Government's £150 rebate scheme

Eligible households across Allerdale will begin to receive their £150 energy cost council tax rebate from today (Thursday 12 May). 
More than 40,000 households will receive a one-off payment, with the first batch of payments for those in council tax bands A to D who pay for their council tax via direct debit.
There are some households whose Direct Debit details have not been verified and these will follow on as soon as possible. Households who don’t pay by direct debit will receive letters containing information on how they can collect the rebate from their local post office in the coming weeks. 

Find out more about the rebate scheme.

The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) - Adoption

Allerdale Borough Council has formally adopted the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) at a virtual meeting of the Full Council on 22 July 2020. This follows receipt of the Inspectors report on 09 January 2020 concluding that the Local Plan is legally compliant and sound subject to the Inspector's recommended modifications. These modifications are now included in the Plan.

The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) forms a key element of the statutory development plan for the parts of Allerdale outside the Lake District National Park, alongside the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) which was adopted in July 2014. The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) sets out the strategic and development management planning policies for the district up to 2029 and Part 2 identifies or 'allocates' land to deliver the strategy and contains additional supporting policies to guide development. With the adoption of the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) all of the saved policies from the Allerdale Local Plan 1999 and Local Plan First Alteration 2006 have been replaced.

If you are having difficulties in accessing these documents, contact:

Any person who is aggrieved by the adoption of the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) may make an application to the High Court under section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 on the grounds that:

  • The Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) is not within the appropriate power and/or
  • A procedural requirement has not been complied with

Any such application to the High Court must be made promptly and in any event no later than the end of 6 weeks beginning with the day after the date on which the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) was adopted (i.e 6 weeks from 23 July 2020- being the day after adoption).

A copy of the Adoption Statement will be sent to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Full details on the examination into the Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2), and links to the consultation stages can be found on the Examination (Part 2) page.

For further information about the Local Plan adoption, or any other planning policy queries, contact the planning policy team by email at